GreenGene is transforming the way gene editing can be used. Our innovative chloroplast gene editing platform technology GREENedit™ leads the charge for the reduction of carbon emissions through specifically edited non-GMO plants and significantly increased plant-based protein yields. GreenGene offers more efficient, sustainable, and non-GMO alternatives to traditional agricultural practices. 

The future of sustainable agriculture is with GreenGene

Higher Yields, More Carbon Capture

Our GREENedit™ platform makes higher crop yields sustainable and higher carbon capture rates verifiable.


Our gene editing technology has been classified as completely non-GMO by the USDA.

Unlocking the power of nature with GREENedit™

Our pioneering chloroplast gene editing platform is globally unique and patented.

Chloroplast Targeted

Specific and accurate chloroplast targeting.

Photosynthesis Editing Library

Expansive editing database.

Offsite Editing Free

Significantly reduced offsite editing and bystander editing.

AI-enabled Gene Editing Design

Flexible and fast AI-enabled Gene Editing Design

Join Us.

Whatever your background and experience, we welcome anyone who can be part of an dynamic and dedicated team leading the charge to find sustainable solutions to some of humanity's greatest challenges.